Emergency After Hours Pet Care

All Hands on Deck for Your Faithful Friend!

Coming home to a sick pet or having a medical emergency after hours is stressful.  Because we realize that the health and well-being of your faithful friend is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week priority, Dr. Henricks and Dr. Hoffmann make themselves available by having all after hours’ calls forwarded directly to them.  By providing this service, our veterinarians are able to recommend potential home remedies for minor issues, treat urgent care cases at our animal hospital in Dublin, or facilitate the referral of critical emergency cases, i.e. patients hit by a car, seizing animals, to a local emergency care center.

By utilizing our mobile app through VitusVet, our clients have access to their pet’s complete medical record including bloodwork, doctor’s reports, and X-rays at their fingertips and allows clients to email that information to the ER doctors taking care of their pet.

For critical emergencies, the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center of Dublin and Medvet can be reached directly at the contact information listed below:

Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center

The emergency service at the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center of Dublin is temporarily closed. ALL emergencies will now be seen at their campus location:

601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
Columbus, OH 43210



300 E. Wilson Bridge Rd,
Worthington, OH 43085