Yes, we have an app for that

Faithful Friends is excited to offer the VitusVet app to our clients.  It allows our clients to have full medical records including doctor write-ups, bloodwork results, and even radiographs at the touch of their fingers on their smartphones.  VitusVet also allows clients to request appointments for their pets and set reminders for medications such as heartworm preventatives and even antibiotics.  Our team at Faithful Friends can even send notifications through to app to update clients on when their pet is out of surgery or when they are due for a visit to our office.  At Faithful Friends, we understand to importance of client trust and communication which is why we feel the VitusVet app is such an important tool for our practice.

“We now have a clear plan for Chloe, as Dr. Henricks went over the needs of our dog and what was needed on a yearly or regular basis. Can’t wait to see her with her clean teeth next week!