Care for your pets and get money back for the holidays!

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With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our pets’ healthcare can get lost in the shuffle. We know that having so many places you need to spend your money this time of year can make it challenging to stay on top of your pets’ health needs.

We’re here to help! Below are some ways you can care for your pets AND get money back. Take care of your furry friends and have money left over to give gifts to your human friends!

Faithful Friends Current Rebate Offers:

  • Zoetis: A rewards program for rebates on ProHeart, Revolution, Apoquel, and Cerenia products. Click here to access details and rebates.
  • Bravecto: There are currently 3-month rebates for Bravecto. These rebates are automatically given in the clinic at the time of a 2 or 4 dose purchase.

We hope that you have a chance to take advantage of these rebates! Wishing you and your furry friends a joyful holiday season!

Now Offering Reliable Ship-to-Home Pet Food!

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With shipment issues that some pet food companies have had over the past year, we are transitioning in order to provide you with an easier and more reliable way of having your pet’s prescription diet delivered right to your door.

Purina has been a recommendation of our for many years, and they have many nutritionally complete diets available for most of the common health issues we see.  

Here are a few benefits of using our website to order your pet’s prescription dog food:

  • Free shipping, no matter how small your order is!
  • 30% off for auto-shipment orders!
  • Regular non-prescription diets, treats, and cat litter is available too!
  • Earn rewards with their Loyalty Program!
  • Normal shipping is typically 5-7 days
  • Shipments are delivered directly from Purina, so they aren’t sitting in a warehouse for extended periods of time like they do when you purchase from other online sources.

If you are looking for a prescription diet change, please call, email or text us and we’d be happy to help find the best option for your pet!

To order your pet’s food through Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct, click the button below.

You will be taken directly to Faithful Friends’ clinic page and prompted to create an account which allows us to review, renew and approve any prescription requests and such.

Faithful Friends Reopening Procedures

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As we are all aware, the past year has been full of challenges, changes and hardships.  It was no different at Faithful Friends as we had to adjust the way we practiced and interacted with our clients to keep all involved safe.  Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the year.  The relationships we build and the daily face to face interactions we have with our clients has and always will be a mainstay of the way we practice veterinary medicine. It was difficult to not see you all in the past year, and we have missed you.

We are excited to announce that as Ohio lifts COVID restrictions, we will again be welcoming clients into the office beginning next week, June 2nd.  In order to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, we have some guidelines that you will find below so you can know what to expect at your next visit to the clinic.  All of us here at Faithful Friends are excited to see you soon!


Michael Henricks, DVM

Faithful Friends Reopening Procedures

Our lobby will remain closed for the time being, so please stay in your car and call our office when you arrive.  Your pet’s medical information and history for the visit will be taken over the phone by one of our staff members.

Once an exam room is open, the same staff member will welcome you at the front door to take you and your pet to the exam room.

Masks are required and for the time being, we are limiting the number of clients that can enter the clinic during a visit to two.

Since exam rooms are confined spaces, we ask that clients remain in the area designated by the cute dog and cat tape on the floor.  

You will be checked out, and any future visits will be scheduled while in the exam room.

Curbside care will remain an option if so desired by the client.

All medication and food pickups will remain curbside for now, so call when you arrive and a staff member can assist you.

Seasonal Pet Allergy Prevention

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Is your canine companion or furry feline suffering from itchy flaky skin, sneezing, licking their paws, or shaking their head and scratching their ears? If so, they may be experiencing some seasonal allergies. While most are mild and easy to treat some can become more problematic. Check out these VLOG videos from our own Dr. Henricks as he explains some of the signs to look out for as well as care options for your dogs and cats!


Introducing Virtual Visits & Instant Chat with the Anipanion App

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To keep you connected with you pet’s healthcare needs while our office hours and services are limited, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new virtual care service.

Anipanion is a smartphone app that allows you to have a virtual consult (start a chat or schedule a video call) with Dr. Henricks or Dr. Hoffmann from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Here’s how to get started:

First, download the Anipanion Smartphone App:

Download for iPhone

Download for Android

Create your account, then search for Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic. Next you’ll enter your pet’s information and add a payment method. Once you get your confirmation email you’re all set to request an instant chat or schedule a video call to address your pet’s needs!

Virtual Visits are great for:

  • Dietary or Gastrointestinal Issues (Vomiting/Diarrhea)
  • Coughing/Sneezing
  • Suture Assessment/Post Surgery Rechecks
  • Behavior Questions
  • Skin Issues
  • Conjunctivitis (Eye Issue)

We’re as committed as ever to ensuring you have access to the care and resources you need for your pets, and hope this option will bring you some peace of mind. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (614) 389-0997 and we’ll gladly walk you through how to get set up your Anipanion account!

How much does a Virtual Visit or Chat Consult cost? The price varies depending on app service and time of day. Virtual visits are charged per 15-minute increments and chat consults have a flat fee per chat.

Will you charge before the Virtual Visit or Chat Consult? You will not be charged until your virtual visit or chat consultation has been completed.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine has historically been an innovative part of human medicine well before smartphones had been introduced to the market. That said, the virtual care movement is in full swing given the rise and advancement in mobile technology. We can now access care in veterinary medicine quite seamlessly through virtual care apps, which enable you to connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your own home or workplace. It saves you a trip to the vet and provides the peace of mind and convenience that a pet parent is looking for in the modern-day veterinary practice. Rather than calling the clinic phone or emailing your vet a question about your pet, you can now engage in a video call or chat with your vet from the Anipanion app. If anything is concerning you, the Anipanion app will serve as a communication bridge to help you address any issues that may come up for your furry loved one. This next-generation virtual care platform will help your veterinary team gain more clarity to assess your pet’s condition and empower them to offer you the best advice possible.

Now Offering ProHeart®12!

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We are now one of few area veterinary practices offering ProHeart®12. This annual injection keeps your pet protected from heartworm disease for a full 12 months – no icky chewables, no monthly reminders, and no need to schedule multiple appointments. It will pawsitively make life easier for you and your Faithful Friend!

What is heartworm disease?

Heartworm disease is exactly what it sounds like: parasitic worms that live in the heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels. It’s a dangerous disease that leads to organ damage and failure and can result in death. Heartworm disease most commonly affects dogs, as their bodies provide more suitable living conditions for the worms than other animals.

The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes that carry immature worms. It takes just one bite for your pet to become infected. Heartworm disease isn’t contagious and cannot be spread via contact with infected dogs. However, when a mosquito bites a dog with the parasite, it is now infected with the tiny worm offspring that live in the dog’s bloodstream. This is the life cycle of heartworms.

Once inside the dog’s body, the worms mature, continue to reproduce, and cause a myriad of health problems. Symptoms may not be evident in early stages, but allowing heartworm disease to progress will cause damage to vital organs and, ultimately, death. Treatment is costly.

Prevention is key when it comes to heartworm disease. As the only once-yearly heartworm preventative medication, ProHeart®12 is a great option for dogs age one year and older. Plus, when you purchase a ProHeart®12 injection you earn $20 on your Zoetis Rewards account!

Don’t wait to protect your pup – schedule your injection appointment today! And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about ProHeart®12!

Welcome to the team Dr. Hoffmann!

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We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Faithful Friends crew, Dr. Hoffmann! From the very first meeting, it was apparent how knowledgeable, caring, and engaging she is. Dr. Hoffmann’s medical ideals and skills line up exactly with how we approach veterinary medicine here at Faithful Friends, and her reputation in the local veterinary community only validated what we knew from getting to know her more. We are proud and excited for our clients and patients to meet Dr. Hoffmann and know they will appreciate the level of care she provides!

Dr. Emily Hoffmann, DVM is a 2003 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She resides in Powell with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Outside of work, Dr. Hoffmann enjoys reading, gardening, and playing in the backyard with her kids and pups. She is very excited to be joining FFVC, and believes that Dr. Henricks and staff have earned a wonderful reputation for providing compassionate care with a focus on education. Dr. Hoffmann cannot wait to take care of your furry family members!

To learn more about Dr. Hoffmann and the rest of our team, visit the Team page of our website!