Parasite Testing & Prevention

Protecting Your Pets from Parasites

No matter what the age, breed, or health status of your pet, preventing parasites and the diseases they can cause is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s care. We recommend that all pets be on year-round preventives to ensure that they are safe from these dangerous parasites. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that we recommend the best preventive products for your pet’s specific lifestyle needs. For example, pets that spend a lot of time in city environments will be exposed to different parasites than pets that spend a lot of time in nature.

Why is Pest Prevention So Important?

Parasite prevention is incredibly important for our pets, but not only because of the pests themselves. Many parasites can be the carrier of even worse diseases. For example, ticks may be carriers of Lyme disease and mosquitoes may be carriers of the deadly heartworm parasite. Parasite prevention is recommended for all of our patients as a means of keeping them safe and promoting a long healthy life.

Parasite Testing Offered at Our Animal Hospital

At our animal hospital in Dublin, flea and tick prevention is important, but we have to address the possibility that your pet might still acquire a parasite or disease. For this reason, we also provide extensive parasite testing services at our animal hospital. Blood tests can help identify parasites and diseases which your pet may have acquired, affording us the opportunity to provide treatments as quickly and efficiently as possible.