Pet Wellness

Keeping Your Pets Happy & Healthy!

No matter what your pet’s breed, age, or health status, regular health checks are incredibly important for their well-being. We recommend that all dogs and cats come into our animal hospital in Dublin for complete pet wellness exams. While we take pride in offering customized care for each pet, we do have standard recommendations for pets of each life stage in order to ensure that your pet receives the specific care required for their needs.

Wellness Care

For Every Stage of Life

Puppies and Kittens

For puppies and kittens, we provide the most rigorous preventive care to ensure that they get started on the right little paw. Early preventive care for young pets includes vaccinations administered in a series, physical examinations, dietary and training consultations with our team, and more.

Adult Dogs and Cats

When your dog or cat reaches adulthood, their care will become more standard, including annual visits for wellness physicals and vaccinations, as well as ongoing preventive care. Preventive care is one of the most important aspects of care during this life stage, as it helps your pet to remain healthy and promotes a longer, healthier life in their future. The frequency of care will depend on your pet’s health status, specific age, breed, etc. During this stage of your pet’s life, the care we provide for your pet will become more personalized for your pet’s specific needs.

Senior Dogs and Cats

The point at which our best friends reach their senior years will vary depending on their age, breed, size, and health status. When your pet becomes a senior, their health care needs may begin to change. We tailor our senior care to each pet based on their personal needs as senior pets will often have the most diverse requirements. For some senior pets, weight management will be a primary concern, while for others pain management will be an issue.

For all senior pets, diagnostics are a very important aspect of care. We endorse early testing to diagnose underlying health conditions which may not visibly manifest themselves until it’s too late. We believe it’s extremely important for all pets to receive the care they need as early as possible to ensure the most effective treatment.