Pet Vaccinations

Keeping Your Faithful Friend Disease-Free

Your pet is your beloved companion and family member, and they deserve every chance they can get to be disease-free. Vaccinating is one of the easiest and most effective chances we can give them here at Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic. Pet vaccines protect dogs and cats from viruses and diseases by resembling an illness in the body. As a result, the immune system is stimulated and strengthened, so if a pet comes in contact with the real illness, its body will be equipped to fight it off. This is why it’s so important for your pet to be vaccinated on a regular basis.

Core vs. Non-Core Vaccines

In veterinary medicine, there are two types of vaccines for pets: core and non-core. Not every pet needs both types of vaccines. Core vaccines are considered the essential ones, and they’re typically recommended for all dogs and cats. Rabies is an example of a core vaccine, and in most states, it’s required by law, since this virus is 100% fatal and can affect humans.

Non-core vaccines are optional and are usually recommended only if a pet has a high risk of exposure to a certain illness. An example is the Bordetella vaccine, since this disease is contagious among pets. This vaccine is often recommended for dogs that enter a boarding or daycare facility.

Comprehensive Vaccine Offerings

At Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, we are proud to use the Ultra line of pet vaccines from Boehringer Ingelheim which are among the best vaccination options available in the industry. We go the extra mile to ensure that your pet receives top-of-the-line care, no matter what!

The Ultra line of vaccines:

  • Are the first-ever 0.5 mL canine vaccine line
  • Offer a more comfortable injection with 50% less volume
  • Are made with PureFil Technology, designed to decrease vaccine reactions by reducing extraneous proteins and cellular debris
  • Have been proven safe in a 675-dog field trial conducted in private practices
  • Pass the identical potency tests as Duramune Max to provide the same high level of efficacy that has made Duramune a trusted brand for 30 years
  • Uses combinations closely aligned with AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines