Now Offering Reliable Ship-to-Home Pet Food!

With shipment issues that some pet food companies have had over the past year, we are transitioning in order to provide you with an easier and more reliable way of having your pet’s prescription diet delivered right to your door.

Purina has been a recommendation of our for many years, and they have many nutritionally complete diets available for most of the common health issues we see.  

Here are a few benefits of using our website to order your pet’s prescription dog food:

  • Free shipping, no matter how small your order is!
  • 30% off for auto-shipment orders!
  • Regular non-prescription diets, treats, and cat litter is available too!
  • Earn rewards with their Loyalty Program!
  • Normal shipping is typically 5-7 days
  • Shipments are delivered directly from Purina, so they aren’t sitting in a warehouse for extended periods of time like they do when you purchase from other online sources.

If you are looking for a prescription diet change, please call, email or text us and we’d be happy to help find the best option for your pet!

To order your pet’s food through Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct, click the button below.

You will be taken directly to Faithful Friends’ clinic page and prompted to create an account which allows us to review, renew and approve any prescription requests and such.