Our Vets Near Hilliard Care for Your Pets

For dog and cat owners near Hilliard, come to Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s medical care. We have a skilled team of vets near Hilliard ready to tackle any problem. Whether they’re sick or need surgery, it will be provided efficiently and compassionately.
Our vets near Hilliard also know great pet care doesn’t stop with the animals. The compassion extends to the pet owners, too. Because you are an advocate for your furry friend, Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic is determined to keep you informed about their treatment at all times. We want to provide open communication and educate you on different ways you can extend your pet’s care. You are the one spending each moment with them, so you are a crucial part of their health journey. Let us help you start that journey today.

Vets Near HilliardOur Veterinary Services

Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic provides an array of services for your best friends. Here’s the kind of care they’ll receive from our vets near Hilliard:

  • Wellness exams & vaccinations: These are offered once a year to pets of all ages, with senior pets being the exception and coming in for exams more often. The goals of these exams vary depending on your pet’s stage of life.
  • Parasite testing & prevention: Many parasites carry potentially deadly diseases, such as Lyme disease and heartworm. Because of this, we make parasite testing & prevention a vital part of your furry friend’s care by putting them on a year-round preventive medicine and testing for various parasites in their blood.
  • Pet dental care: Pets need to have a clean mouth, too. Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic provides them with teeth cleanings, extractions, and mouth x-rays, plus much more.
  • Diagnostic testing: To get a better look at pet abnormalities, we have diagnostic testing in the form of urine and fecal testing, x-rays, and blood tests.
  • Sick pet care: Our vets near Hilliard are here for pets, both sick and well. If your dog or cat is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, bring them on in to us.
  • Pet surgery: We are equipped to handle a wide array of surgical procedures, from spay and neuters, to exploratory surgery.

If you’re in the Hilliard area and want to bring your pet to Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, contact us at 614-389-0997.

“We now have a clear plan for Chloe, as Dr. Henricks went over the needs of our dog and what was needed on a yearly or regular basis. Can’t wait to see her with her clean teeth next week!