Our Story

Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer top-of-the-line veterinary care to our community. At our Dublin animal hospital, we are proud of our dedication to each and every pet and pet owner who comes through our doors. We are committed to providing thorough care to meet your pet’s every need, educating you about what is best for your pet, and keeping communication open with you at all times.

No matter whether your furry friend is your first pet or you’ve been a lifelong pet owner, we are here to give you exactly the information you need.

Meet the Dedicated Vets at Our Dublin Animal Hospital

We make it our priority to staff our animal hospital in Dublin with vets and team members who are committed to veterinary excellence. We invite you to visit our team page to learn about the dedicated veterinary staff that provides care to your best friend.

“Took our new furbaby, Rider, to see Dr Henricks for his first vet visit since he joined our family. Clinic was welcoming, bright, and clean. The Vet Techs are polite, professsional and went out of their way to make Rider relaxed and welcome.”