Preventive Pet Care by Veterinarians in Dublin

As human beings, we try to prevent any harm from coming to us. Therefore, it makes sense for you to prevent harm coming to your furry friends as well. At Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians in Dublin strongly believe in pet preventive care. Whether you have a puppy, kitten, dog, or cat, we recommend bringing them in regularly for exams and vaccinations. In doing so, our veterinarians in Dublin will be able to discover and treat problems before they get worse. They will also be able to prevent problems from ever occurring. Preventive care goes a long way in extending the health and well-being of your best friend.

Veterinary Services in Dublin

At Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, we feel bringing your pet in for wellness exams and vaccinations is the best way to provide preventive care. The following is a list of the health plans that our veterinarians in Dublin have for your pets for each life stage:

• Puppies and kittens: For your littlest friends, we provide rigorous preventive care to make sure they start their lives on the right paw. When you bring your puppy or kitten in for a wellness exam, expect them to be given a series of vaccinations and a physical. In addition, our team will provide dietary and house-training consultations.
• Adult dogs and cats: When your best friend becomes an adult, having wellness exams annually is integral to preventive care. In fact, preventive care is even more important at this stage of life, because it will keep them healthy for a long time. In addition to physicals, expect your pet to receive more vaccinations and ongoing preventive care.
Senior dogs and cats: When your best friend becomes a senior, their health care needs will differ. Because of this, their preventive care is different too. There is a more important emphasis on diagnostic testing, to seek out problems before they occur or worsen. The earlier the testing, the better off your pet will be.

Parasite Testing & Prevention

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet that lives in the city or country, parasite prevention is paramount to preventive care. Many parasites carry diseases that are harmful to your best friend. Ticks carry Lyme disease, and mosquitoes tend to carry heartworm. To keep your pets safe from these diseases, we recommend year-round preventives. The preventives can be tailored to their lifestyle.

However, even with measures taken, there’s always a chance for a parasite to strike. Should that happen, Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic provides parasite testing in the form of blood tests. We will then work hard to provide your pet quick and efficient treatment.

“Took our new furbaby, Rider, to see Dr Henricks for his first vet visit since he joined our family. Clinic was welcoming, bright, and clean. The Vet Techs are polite, professsional and went out of their way to make Rider relaxed and welcome.”