Our Dublin Veterinarians are Here for Your Pets

Living in the Dublin area, there’s no better place to bring your dog or cat for medical care than Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic. Your pets will receive the very best in veterinary care, by a team of skilled Dublin veterinarians. They strive to meet your furry friend’s every need, from checkups to surgery. In addition, our Dublin veterinarians are dedicated to keeping you informed about your pet’s treatment. Expect them to always educate and keep communication open with you.

Our Veterinary Services

Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic provides a variety of services to your pets. Here’s the kind of care they will receive from our Dublin veterinarians:
Wellness exams & vaccinations: We offer these to pets in every life stage, from puppies and kitties, to seniors. The care they receive will be tailored to their personal, individual needs. For example, senior pets will be more prone to health problems, and therefore must have exams constantly to rule out problems. Younger and adult pets can come in once a year for proper exams and vaccinations.
Parasite testing & prevention: Whether your pet spends a lot of time indoors or outdoors, parasite prevention is important to veterinary care. Many parasites carry Lyme Disease or Heartworm, which are harmful to pets. For their safety, we recommend they are on year-round preventives. The medicine they receive will depend on their lifestyle. For instance, a pet living in the country will be protected from different parasites than one that lives in the city. Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic also provides parasite testing to ensure these creatures leave and stay away.
Pet dental care: Just as with humans, pets need a proper dental checkup. We provide them with services such as teeth cleaning, polishing and extraction.
Diagnostic testing: In addition to parasite testing, Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic has diagnostic tests in the form of urine and fecal testing, x-rays, blood tests, and ultrasounds.
Sick pet care: When sickness strikes, we are here for you. Whether your pet is suffering from diarrhea or is generally lethargic, bring them in to see us.
Pet surgery: Here, we perform a variety of procedures, from spay and neuter surgeries to foreign body removals.

If you want to bring your pet to Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, contact us at 614-389-0997 for an appointment.

“Took our new furbaby, Rider, to see Dr Henricks for his first vet visit since he joined our family. Clinic was welcoming, bright, and clean. The Vet Techs are polite, professsional and went out of their way to make Rider relaxed and welcome.”